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What cronuts can teach us about content creation

Make your brand’s message resonate amid the noise by presenting it in a new way.

Make your brand’s message resonate amid the noise by presenting it in a new way.

The best of both worlds

It may be a tired cliché, but “the best of both worlds” has a grounding in reality. Bad phraseology aside, the expression has given rise to some ground-breaking products: The Apple Watch. The phablet. The cronut.

At Text100, that’s how we like to approach our content. Why choose between informing an audience and entertaining them when you can do both?

Try to recall the last great piece of content that you read. What do you remember most about it?

  • Clever title, catchy intro, intriguing copy?
  • Eye-catching graphics and the at-a-glance illustrations?
  • Easily-digestible length – perfect for reading between meetings or on the go?

If you answered “all of the above”, chances are you’ve come across one of the new breed of content assets that Text100 has been producing for clients. An infopaper – a product from our global content team that’s been a hit with our clients and their customers.

As the moniker suggests, an infopaper is a clever mix of two popular content assets. Take the gravitas and forensic detail of a whitepaper and distil it down from 8,000 words to 800. Then take those highly-honed words and pair them with the compelling design and data visualization of an infographic.

The result is an entirely new type of content marketing asset, one that recognizes the changing reading habits of a hyper-connected generation of consumers. Here’s an example we created from a recent campaign for f5.

Your audience is hungry for relevant information, but they’re lost in an overcrowded digital space

One thing you can do to make your brand’s message resonate amid the noise is to present it a new way.

A photo of a cronut. So delicious, even looking at it makes you gain weight.

Damn, that’s some tasty content.

But wait, there’s more

Great content marketing doesn’t stop with just one innovative new content asset. We’re constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to get compelling content in front of a captive global audience.

Take responsive infographics – beautiful infographics which are coded using HTML5, allowing them to automatically resize to the screen they are being viewed on. No more pinching or scrolling, just excellent content displayed perfectly on any interface.

Or gifographics – visually stunning infographics with animated elements throughout to engage the reader’s attention and maximize shareability. They’re basically infographics ramped up with the show-stopping visuals of a cinemagraph. Check out an example here.

From dedicated web apps to browser stories and dynamic content hubs, there are countless ways to display your content in increasingly innovative ways. We love to experiment with different kinds of storytelling and we’re constantly on the lookout for new stories to tell.

If you’re interested in content marketing or if you just love cronuts and other hybrid inventions, we’d love to hear from you!

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