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Embrace your creativity

Creativity exists in all of us, not just one department. It’s time to stop outsourcing your thinking and dare to be creative.

Creativity exists in all of us, not just one department. It’s time to stop outsourcing your thinking and dare to be creative.

Be spontaneous! Don’t think of a pink elephant! Be creative!

No, the word creativity does not tolerate an imperative – just like the word love. On the contrary, the demand for creativity inevitably leads to a blockage, which results in standard answers. We recycle answers we already know; there’s frustration and embarrassment all around and, as a result, we to outsource creativity to the creative ‘heroes’.

By leaving creativity to others, our own thinking becomes increasingly uninspired. How can we change that?

Be your own genius

The first thing to do is to dispel an old prejudice: we tend to divide people into two categories: You’re either creative or you’re not. It is automatically assumed that creativity is a natural gift for some that others lack; like hair colour or maximum height.

This is reinforced by a genius cult in our industry, where creativity seems something that only a few gifted individuals possess.

This attitude is above all one thing: comfortable for the “ungifted”. It encourages a “creative division of labor”; to delegate everything that requires imaginative solutions to others, the supposed “geniuses”. This not only diminishes your own creative abilities, but you also miss the fun bit.

Natural born problem solvers

Okay it’s true, creativity IS innate. But the point is, creativity doesn’t just touch certain people with exceptional talents, it touches all of us, in our own unique way.

Every baby explores the world on his own, without prejudice. Every child tries things out and combines them in a surprising and completely new way: the grandfather’s boot becomes a ship for toy pirates; an old garden bench becomes a carriage; the sawhorse is hooked up to the clothesline as a draught horse.

Children are unbiased and straightforward – they’re happy to try things that are nonsensical and spontaneous. In contrast, as adults we are mainly purpose-oriented. This fixation on the target encourages a linear way of thinking, often preventing us from looking in other directions. But these other points of view are necessary to reach the goal and open up a world of new opportunities.

Back to creative naturalness

Now for the good news: There is a way back. You can regain creative naturalness. There are means of breaking out of the routines and following new, original paths.


Surround yourself with people who live out their creativity.

Learn, be curious, try new ways every day.

Read what we have to say about it.

Read some more.

The net is full of content on creativity, and entire libraries deal with it.

You just have to dare.

And the word dare quite tolerates the imperative.

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