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Tips To Enhance Your Creativity

How often are you asked to inject more creativity into a campaign or media relations idea? It’s time to re-think our approach to work.

As communications consultants, part of our job is to be one step ahead of the clients, ready for the next big idea. Whether it’s a great new product or a new release from an existing product, we need to be able to come up with creative ideas to move sales forward, increase user base, get more followers, have a trending topic, etc.

Increasing creativity

A few ideas to get ahead of your clients’ needs:

  1. Be curious Be open to new things, new concepts, new images, new formats, etc. Don’t always accept the status quo and be ready to embrace change.
  2. Observe everything Inspiration is all around. Make an effort to notice the little things. Creative people are doing great things in the market, in the street, in the job center, etc. It’s your job to observe the world – the great next big idea could be anywhere. Keep your mobile phone handy for taking pictures, making notes, etc.
  3. Don’t put limits on your work environment. It is always a good idea to expand our traditional limits and look for new ideas. Sometimes kids, grandpas, and friends can give you creative inspiration in conversation. Diversity is key: it helps you to be open to new ideas and lets you to break your routine.
  4. Break the rules. That doesn’t mean to go crazy breaking the law, but challenge the rules within your mind. There are no bad ideas. Sometimes what seems the silliest concept can turn into something brilliant if fleshed out correctly. It’s part of the brainstorming process. Don’t hold your ideas back because of what you know.
  5. Don’t be shy.  We are all born with deep natural capacities for creativity but mostly because of our education we don’t normally tap into creativity as best as we could. Don’t think too much and “just do it” (or at least, try to do it!).

And remember, you’re not in this alone. When your clients ask for a creative campaign, challenge them to give you more constraints to work in and more ideas on what they are expecting.

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