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5 ways to make your content take off

Developments in digital tech have generated a lot more noise, but they’ve also given us lots of opportunities to engage with audiences in innovative ways.

Developments in digital tech have generated a lot more noise, but they’ve also given us lots of opportunities to engage with audiences in innovative ways.

You’ve sorted your brand message, settled on a point of view, sketched out your campaign, assembled your team of content generators, built your content calendar, found a great designer, and…now what?

In the scramble to jump onto the content marketing bandwagon, many brands are failing to fully realize the power of a comprehensive strategy. Too often they’re producing good content but not amplifying it properly, or not even giving it content hub as a proper home. Or they roll out content in the same tired formats month after month, and wonder why their audience is losing interest.

While developments in digital technology have generated a lot more noise to contend with, they’ve also given us lots of opportunities to engage with audiences in innovative ways.

  1. It’s the destination, not the journey

If you build it, they will come. Having the greatest, most engaging piece of content in the world is all well and good, but if it’s stored on a desktop or an internal intranet, your audience will struggle to find it. Building a hub to house your thought leadership content not only gives your audience a destination to visit, but also lays the path to amplifying your content in the future (see no.3). See an example of a content hub we built here.

  1. Colour outside the lines

Blog posts are a tried and tested content asset that are easy to produce. They’re a safe bet for risk-averse brands. But, try experimenting with new types of content to see which engages your audience the most. Try an enticing video, or a Facebook Live broadcast of your product launch. Read more about how to leverage videos here.

  1. Quantity AND quality

Your teacher was wrong – in content marketing, quantity matters as much as quality. Producing one asset a month simply isn’t enough. Consumers have a rapacious appetite for content that needs to be satisfied, otherwise your content hub will seem stale and out-of-date very quickly. Aim to produce at least two pieces of content a week.

  1. Amp it up

The value of your content is zero if no one is reading it. So once you’ve created a beautiful, innovative piece of content and housed it on a dedicated hub, it’s time to start attracting an audience. Content amplification networks like Outbrain help get your content in front specific demographics, while more traditional paid media can help unlock new audiences from other channels.

  1. Reuse, reclaim, recycle

Given the investment you’ve made into a piece of content, you owe it to your campaign to extract the maximum bang for your buck. Long-form feature pieces can be summarized into a quick blog. Infographics can be chopped up and used as the basis for a series of social posts. Infopapers can be turned into long-form features, and so on. Reclaim the content you’ve produced, and make it work for you all over again!

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