Aedhmar Hynes
Anne Costello
Regional Director, APAC
Cecile Missildine
Regional Director, EMEA
Ken Peters
Regional Director, North America
James Beechinor-Collins
Chief Digital Officer
Sarah Mackenzie
Executive Vice President
Working for Text100

How we find the smartest thinkers

The way we bring people into Text100 is guided by one simple question: “do you have a deep understanding and passion for one subject, plus a wide knowledge of many others?” It’s a litmus test to discover if you’re the perfect fit for us. And of course, if we are right for you.

How the smartest thinkers find us

We’ve got great clients, an inspirational leadership team and a bag full of progressive employee perks. Things like extended maternity leave, international secondments, flexible working hours and duvet days. It all adds up to happy, long-serving employees, which is great for our momentum and a reassuring constant for our clients.