Ramp Up Your Writing Skills – Six Resources for Word Nerds

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The evolution to all-things digital has certainly changed the way the communications world works. But regardless of the discipline in which you work, one core skill will always be central to success, no matter how digital things get – writing.

Our fast-paced environments sometimes mean our time is limited when it comes to refreshing our grammar skills. So as many of us gear up for a new business quarter or begin to tackle an end-of-year review, it’s a great time to brush up on some basics. Here are some of our favorite recent and bookmarked resources to help you get up to speed.

12 common AP Style mistakes – Many of us keep our AP Stylebooks at an arm’s length – but it’s sometimes easy to overlook a mistake here and there. Do you know the difference between who and whom? How about when to use “like” or “such as”? Take a look at these 12 common mistakes and find out.

15 writing tips from a journalist turned PR pro – Struggling with writer’s block? A former reporter outlines her map for writing that should help you find your way when you’re feeling lost.

5 frequently misused punctuation marks – In honor of National Punctuation Day which took place on Monday (in the U.S.), brush up on your punctuation skills and avoid misusing these five in particular: the question mark, the ellipsis, the apostrophe, the comma and the exclamation point. (!)

Daily Writing Tips – Great resource for everything grammar, spelling and vocabulary – from how to paraphrase, to the fundamentals of nouns, to the difference between “which” and “that.” Don’t have time to read through the endless list of articles? Sign up for the Daily Writing Tips newsletter and get a new writing tip delivered to your inbox every morning – couldn’t be easier.

Seven tips for better writing – PR Newswire offers seven simple tips for improving your writing style. Our favorite: write like you talk – read everything you write out loud before finalizing it. If anything sounds unnatural, make some edits.

Tweet at @APstylebook – Still not sure on a specific format for a word or phrase and struggling to find it in your AP Stylebook? Send them a tweet @APStylebook and they are likely to lend a hand – or join their #APStylechat once a month for theme-related tips. Their next Twitter chat, focused on all-things football, is set for Thursday at 2 p.m. ET.

Those of us self-proclaimed “word nerds” love a good grammar joke now and then – so if you’re one of us and just looking for a laugh, take a look at some of our favorite sources: Apostrophe Catastrophes, The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, Fake AP Stylebook and The Oatmeal.

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