New York

+1 212 529 4600
352 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010

+1 212 529 4600
352 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010

Welcome to New York

Since 2000, the Text100 New York office has been located on Manhattan’s fast-paced Park Avenue. As the Holmes Report’s Best Agency to Work For in North America, theText100 New York office is at the heart of the digital and new media revolution.

The Text100 New York office unites some of the best talent in the industry to collaborate, innovate, strategize, plan and execute PR campaigns for some of the world’s most recognizable companies.

From company launches to coordinating a global communications campaign to developing a digital strategy, we’re accustomed to advising companies from a wide array of markets looking to share their story with local, regional or global audiences.

B2B Technology Marketing 2022 Part One:
The Times, They Are, a Changing

Today, we have Facebook live videos. Buyers are getting news from Alexa, and customized Facebook news-feeds. Similarly, advertising is tailored based on our behaviors.


Microsoft Lumia

Social Storytelling


Making Your Words Matter in the Era of Fake News

Words matter. What we choose to say and how will restore the ability to have a productive dialogue.


Vodafone UK

Creating Vodafone Social 2.0


IOT Group

Taking selfies to new heights



Transforming the financial industry one loan at a time


Managing Consultant, Content & Social Media

We are seeking a dynamic and motivated Managing Consultant in our New York office to drive and develop the Content & Social Media teams across North America.


Will Technology Replace Us Or Elevate Us?

How CMOs and their organizations adapt to new technologies will determine if they will be the next disruptive force – or find themselves among the disrupted.


Oreo #MyWonderfilled

Crowdsourcing creates wall of wonder


VR Isn't Ready for PR... Yet.

Vice President of Text100’s Creative Technology team, James Holland, knows deep down that VR hype may have peaked a little too soon.



Flexible: Friend or Foe?


Let’s make something wonderful

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