Managing a Weibo Community for B2B Brands

Weibo is like the Chinese version of Twitter paired with some Facebook functions. Some regard it as the most influential social media platform in China. Although communication strategies for corporate Weibo have been widely discussed, most of the reviews and discussion focus on the running of Weibo for B2C. To bridge the gap, this post is aimed to focus on Weibo for B2B communities ...More

Good Digital Design Starts with Paper and Pen

Technology is pushing us towards a digital world where everything happens instantly and in a pixel-perfect medium. As a designer whose work almost exclusively ends up in this computerized realm, it’s easy for me to jump straight to my trusty keyboard and mouse, open up multiple Adobe software programs and dive right into a digital brainstorm. Fortunately, I’ve learned (for the most part ...More

Bringing 8-Bit Back to the Future of Electronics Retail

You’d expect online shopping, mobile technologies, and a whole range of other new trends to have changed the way we buy things. And you’d be right. But in a surprising number of areas, our purchasing habits are best described as “same-same but different”. In our latest Text100 Digital Index – this one examining consumer electronics purchases in the Asia-Pacific region – you’ll no ...More

Google Hummingbird: Everything You Need to Know

The Lost Product in the World Wide Web With the introduction of the Knowledge Graph last year, which recognizes the meaning of things, as well as the relationship between them, Google made the first step towards intelligent search. Last August, Google implemented a completely new search algorithm with the code name Hummingbird, which was announced on 27th of September – Google’s 15th birthday ...More

Online Identification to Exterminate the Trolls

In 2006, on the cusp of Web 2.0 and the social media revolution, Andrew Keen wrote The Cult of the Amateur. In the book, he argues that “blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the rest of today’s user-generated media are destroying our economy, our culture, and our values.” Among the many words of caution issued by Keen is that in an online world, community-wide trust is very hard to find. Th ...More

PR Recruitment in India: Leveraging Your Social Network

The PR industry in India has seen a big shift; investment in India by other multinational PR agencies has made the talent fight fiercer than ever before.  PR professionals with experience want to be a part of corporate communications, while the tech sector of PR seems to excite only a handful.  Few consultants seem to truly understand, or have a desire ...More

The Human Touch Remains Powerful

I was recently reading about an up-and-coming company, Stitch-Fix, a subscription shopping service that combines high-tech analytics and a personal stylist to send women clothes they’ll love. The founder and CEO, Katrina Lake, set out to start a company that would leverage data and algorithms to improve the shopping experience. You may be thinking to yourself, data and algorithms? I just want de ...More