2015 CES Consumer Awareness Survey Sneak Peek

Text100, Redshift Research and Brandwatch partner up to introduce a comprehensive study aimed at helping brands maximize opportunities to create awareness, drive interest and build leadership at the 2015 CES.


Ahead of the most important international consumer technology show of the year, we partnered up with Redshift Research and Brandwatch to prepare a comprehensive study a ...More

Why PR needs to join the content marketing mix

Public relations' storytelling mindset can enrich content marketing, while marketer’s insights and expertise are essential to quantify and increase PR's value.

Public relations isn’t typically considered part of marketing, but it should be. As social and digital channels grow—often at traditional media’s expense—PR continues to, ironically, suffer a perception problem. Unlik ...More

Mobile Strategy Key When Marketing To Millennials In Asia

Millennials in Asia and mobile technology go hand in hand. So it's not a stretch to say marketing strategies that don't take this into account will suffer.

[su_quote cite="Al Capp"]Today’s younger generation is no worse than my own. We were just as ignorant and repulsive as they are, but nobody listened to us. [/su_quote]

This quote by cartoonist Al Capp, while a bit harsh, ...More

PR Pros Should Accept Shift to Integrated Communications

It's no longer about reliving PR's past as much as accepting the future of integrated communications

I’ve been practicing public relations for nearly a decade now and have watched the communications landscape change dramatically over the last few years.


[su_quote]... many PR traditionalists are still opposed to the practice of marketing altogether.[/su_quote]

< ...More

Storytelling Helps You Connect With The Target Audience

Choosing an integrated communications agency is tough. Make it easier by focusing on ones that employ storytelling aimed at the target audience

If you work in a marketing department or the media business in general, I am sure you hear a lot about value propositions offered by various integrated communications agencies.

No doubt, having an agency working with your business provi ...More

South Africa Brands: Embrace Integrated Marketing Communications

2015 presents an opportunity for South Africa brands to amplify their stories and touch audiences at multiple opportunities across the buyer’s journey.

Disney provides the perfect example of how a company can flourish when it masters the use storytelling for both entertainment and integrated marketing communications.

Although integrated marketing communications is something we see taking ...More

Holiday Marketing Budget Blues? Try Going Social

Social marketing strategies that include Pinterest, Twitter and Google Shopping can shore up a cash-strapped spending plan

The unavoidable commercial side of Christmas wildly divides opinion in the U.K. There are those who love hearing holiday music in their coffee shop at the start of November, but others who risk being labelled a Scrooge or Grinch as they avoid festivities until la ...More