The Why and How of Twitter Custom Timelines

Back in November, Twitter turned heads when it announced its new Custom Timelines feature. The feature makes it possible for users to create edit-able and share-able timelines composed of any public tweets, complete with title and description. Simply put – it’s a Twitter curation solution. If it sounds a lot like what Storify allows users to do, it’s because it is quite similar - the k ...More

Part 2 – Blogger Relations: The Best Advice Straight from Your Mama (Bloggers’) Mouth

Bloggers focused on the tips, tricks, trials and tribulations of being a mom, also known as mom bloggers, are being used in marketing campaigns to gain insight into a brand’s audience and gain additional exposure. Not to mention, a blogger endorsement can go a long way with the amount of influence these bloggers have among their peers. The last thing you want is that type of influence spreading ...More

Part I – Blogger Relations: To Pay or Not to Pay?

It was early in my career and I was working on programs to connect with bloggers that would potentially write about products from my clients. It was time for my first pitch. I was sending bloggers that write about parenting an offer to have the brand I was representing pay for their child's birthday party and provide treats (from the brand) for the party. In my mind, this was a useful and generous ...More

Images, Images Everywhere…But Can I Use Them?

With one simple search, we find an endless lineup of enticing images. But can we grab the best ones, drop them into our work and call it a day? As we uneasily suspected, the answer is no. Creative work is copyrighted unless the artist gives permission to use it. Image copyright protects the creator from having others use a part of the image, manipulate the image or hire someone else to recreate th ...More

Attracting & Retaining Gen-Y

There has been a slew of stuff written about Generation Y:  their attitudes to work, their endless ambitions and their own general belief of how great they are!  But like it or not, Gen Y, also referred to as  millennials, are our workforce of today and leaders of the future. Rather than Gen Y adapting to Gen X or Baby Boomers’ ways, it is Gen X and Baby Boomers that need to do the adaptin ...More

Part I: 2014 Digital and Social Media Predictions

2013 was the year a twerk was heard ‘round the world. Twitter IPO’d, Oreo news-jacked the Super Bowl, the new Pope tweeted and ‘selfie’ was Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year. Google retired its RSS Reader, and Vine redefined short-form videos, soon to be followed by Facebook’s Instagram. Yahoo! bought Tumblr, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post. Hashtags came to Fac ...More

Key Takeaways: Arthur W. Page Society’s 1st Insight Forum in Munich

Last month, Arthur W. Page Society held its first Insight Forum in Munich, at Allianz SE close to the English Garden. Nearly 40 leading communications professionals from international corporations and agencies attended the event to network and to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the communications world. The host of the event, Emilio Galli-Zugaro, head of group communications, Al ...More