Lessons from Mobile World Congress 2014

Another year has come and gone, and the biggest trade show of the year, Mobile World Congress, has wrapped.  After devoting an entire year to preparing the logistics, defining the brand presence and designing an appropriate communications strategy, it is the time to evaluate results. As you reflect on the experience, one must question, 'Have we been able to change the rules of the game using soci ...More

Pushing and Pulling Your Way Through the News

Surely I can’t be the only one who notices the abundance of news constantly being churned out. There are blogs, local affiliates, trade publications and top-tier outlets. They’re published daily, weekly and monthly, in print and online, throughout the day and overnight. Just like the mail, it never stops. Especially in the public relations field, where it’s likely you work in any number o ...More

Part I – Wunderlist: Your Whenever/Wherever To-Do List

A four-part series on platform-agnostic digital tools for the BYOD work place. If you are like me, you probably enjoy mixing and matching different digital devices based on your preferences, needs and job. I love my BlackBerry Q10 and its fantastic keyboard, use a super portable Lenovo X230 at work and enjoy the apps, movies and TV shows on my iPad Mini Retina. I usually have them all near me, ...More

Embargoes: Love ‘em, Hate ‘em, Please Don’t Break ‘em

Groan if you must, but embargoes remain important to the role of both PR professionals and reporters. PR professionals can strategically coordinate coverage of significant news and reporters can file detailed, researched stories with quotes the moment news breaks. Of course, there are stories of embargoes gone wrong. In this recent Twitter conversation, several reporters discuss etiquette f ...More

Text100 ranks #5 Best Tech Companies to Work For

On Monday, January 27th, I received an email on my commute into work that read “Mashable names Text100 #5 best tech company to work for.”  It started as an email that was circulating around the New York office, which is appropriate since Mashable credits the Crain’s Best Places to Work (where Text100 ranked #7 out of 75 best companies to work for in NY), as the source for how they found out ...More

Decoding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing – you hear people talk about it. You might even think you understand what it is. With this fairly new industry turning a big profit, I’m here to break it down for you. Essentially, digital marketing is a form of marketing that leverages electronic devices – like computers, tablets, smartphones, mobile devices, digital billboards, game consoles, etc. – to reach and reta ...More

A CES Story – Tips from the Ground

Now that we're about a month out, it seems an appropriate time to reflect.  The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – or as I like to explain it to friends and family as The Big Game, (for those in the consumer electronic PR space), and the reason I can’t [go to dinner, grab a drink, see a movie] with you for the entire month of December is a unique experience. Looking back on this year’s show, ...More