2015 CES Consumer Awareness Survey Sneak Peek

Text100, Redshift Research and Brandwatch partner up to introduce a comprehensive study aimed at helping brands maximize opportunities to create awareness, drive interest and build leadership at the 2015 CES.


Ahead of the most important international consumer technology show of the year, we partnered up with Redshift Research and Brandwatch to prepare a comprehensive study a ...More

Why PR needs to join the content marketing mix

Public relations' storytelling mindset can enrich content marketing, while marketer’s insights and expertise are essential to quantify and increase PR's value.

Public relations isn’t typically considered part of marketing, but it should be. As social and digital channels grow—often at traditional media’s expense—PR continues to, ironically, suffer a perception problem. Unlik ...More

South Africa Brands: Embrace Integrated Marketing Communications

2015 presents an opportunity for South Africa brands to amplify their stories and touch audiences at multiple opportunities across the buyer’s journey.

Disney provides the perfect example of how a company can flourish when it masters the use storytelling for both entertainment and integrated marketing communications.

Although integrated marketing communications is something we see taking ...More

Fitbit Leans On Influencers, Customers For Promotion

Fitness wearable's marketing tactics let it compete in connected health space

It’s official: The holiday shopping season is in full swing.

And while some may have finished their shopping in July, when Christmas displays first appeared in stores, now is when most of us panic over what to buy that brother working for Google who already has everything and isn’t afraid to rub it in. ...More

Fiscal Year 2015 Marketing Strategy No.1: Don’t Panic

Unfortunately, when it comes to planning the upcoming fiscal year, we often start without a clear idea of what’s achievable or the insights needed to support our goals. Don’t fall into that trap for 2015.

The clocks have been rolled back, daylight is growing scarce, and the holidays are upon us. It’s that time of year again: Time to panic. Many integrated communications teams grow anxio ...More

Sharper Images: 3 Tips That Make Your Photograph Pop

The following is the second part in an ongoing series of graphic design tips that focus on images, graphics and interactive media for integrated communications projects.

Image resolution is one of those terms that everyone knows, but not really. That’s because the concept can quickly plunge into complicated details that cause the brain to file the subject away for later and then pro ...More

Why Webinars and LinkedIn Can’t Substitute For Real Conferences

Webinars and LinkedIn aren't as fun as actually meeting your idols and connecting with real people. Who'd have thought?

In the age of social media and content marketing, some people may argue that webinar conferencing and networking on LinkedIn is the new norm for experiencing thought leadership and making professional connections. They may even go as far as to say traditional conferenc ...More