Textie Spotlight: Volunteering in Nicaragua

I am currently an Account Executive at Text100 working on several of our enterprise tech clients out of the New York Office. In the seven moths I’ve been working here, one of my favorite things has been witnessing our strength as a global organization and our attention to company culture and community.  We call ourselves the world’s biggest small ag ...More

The Secret Life of an IT Director

Being an Information Technology Director for years had always left an interesting idea bubbling below my surface.  You see, the IT field gives you a deep level of insight into the modern mystery of how technology really works.  These insights always left me with a secret, underlying desire - write a Sci-Fi book the way it should b ...More

Crowdsourcing: What You & Your Business Can Do for the Crowd

When tapping into the amazing resources offered by communities and crowdsourcing, businesses should first ask what they can do for the crowd, instead of wondering what the crowd can do for them. At Text100 Munich we’ve started a new internal program, Digital Debate Club.  Sessions are held monthly.  In each meeting, someone from the team presents on a book that’s focused on a current digi ...More

HR Gets Digital

Recently, using social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter  and Facebook enables us to drive recruitment, create platforms for internal processes and host remote global training/meetings.   The use of digital technology can help foster engagement with our co-workers by encouraging more face to face communication, providing more easily and readily available information about our peers ...More

Tragedy on a Uniquely Boston Day

There was a line in a news story about Monday’s tragic bombing in Boston that said something along the lines of this: “Patriots’ Day is an important holiday in Boston, but is not widely celebrated outside of Massachusetts.” It’s true – Patriots’ Day is a uniquely Boston holiday – a uniquely Boston day really. To an outsider, it probably looks like an odd mish-mash of events ...More

Blending vs. Balancing: An Interview with CEO and Working Mother Aedhmar Hynes

  Last week, on International Women’s Day, people around the world celebrated the accomplishments and empowerment of women whether in the workplace, raising a family at home or both. In an interview with WABC Radio’s Laura Smith on The Saturday Café, our CEO Aedhmar Hynes reveals that when it comes to “having it all” as a working mom it’s all about finding the right blend, r ...More

Something to Celebrate

What a fantastic evening at the 2013 PR Week Awards ceremony in New York! Going into the evening, we were excited to be nominated for three awards in total – Arts, Entertainment & Media Campaign of the Year with our client, MTV, Employee Communications Campaign of the Year with Xerox and Corporate Branding Campaign of the Year with Cisco. With the industry’s top talent in attendance an ...More