Google+ Hangouts On Air Gives Xerox PR Power

With Google+ Hangouts On Air, Xerox has found success by amassing active viewers and building relationships with key players within targeted audiences.

Today is the age of connectivity. We have connected cars that smartly interact with infrastructure, connected TVs that enhance the everyday experience of watching television, and connected consumers who expect instant access to content t ...More

How My Twitter Parody Account Can Aid Your Social Strategy

A Twitter parody account probably won’t help your business. But the same tricks used to promote one can aid your overall social strategy

There are simple tricks that can magnify your social strategy such as following the right influencers, doing the right research and capturing the imagination of your audience with a fresh perspective on a well-trodden subject or news story.


Big Data, Social Media Take Aim At the Flu Virus

Though vaccination is currently considered the most effective prevention method against the flu virus, big data and social media are getting us closer to a day when we can bury the needle. Flu season is here, and this year, it’s back with vengeance. Thankfully, so is technology. Every week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases a detailed report pinpointing which states ...More

Are Buy Buttons the Future of Social Media Marketing?

Social media Buy Buttons could be a real game changer in 2015. Here's what you need to know should they become a social media marketing mainstay.  

This year, one of the most interesting developments in social media marketing came with the introduction of “Buy Buttons” on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Facebook and Twitter partnered with payments vendors such as Stripe so users can ...More

Funny Memes For Your Next Content Campaign? Don’t Laugh

Less than two years ago, funny memes were nothing more than a novelty and means to either emphasize an emotion (see Grumpy Cat meme) or berate public figures (see “Eastwooding”).

And they still are. But even though most of these funny pics with captions may be considered nonsensical and devoid of purpose, there’s no doubt about their virility. Some top Internet memes can get t ...More

Sell Your Boss On Social Media Marketing (SMW14 panel video)

Social Media Marketing Experts Hold Social Media Week London Panel We gathered together with experts from IBM, Microsoft and CorpComms Magazine on September 25 at  Social Media Week London to pick their brains about social media marketing and how to get the C-suite to buy-in on the concept.

Of course, it can be difficult when trying to convince your boss of adopting new online marketing ...More

2014 – The Year the ‘Free’ Social Media Marketing Gravy Train Derailed

The year 2014 may be remembered by digital marketers everywhere as the year where social media ceased to become a free-to-play platform. Today, the three big social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – are all public listed companies with responsibilities to their shareholders to return profits. As a result, we’ve seen an increasing number of advertising tools being rolled out, from F ...More