HR for PR: Strategies for Employee Engagement

In our ever-increasing digital age, keeping employees attentive and motivated every day is posing new challenges for businesses around the world. Employee engagement has never been more important to employee retention. Engaged employees are more inspired, creative, and dedicated to producing innovative work, and more likely to stay with a company whom they feel appreciates them as an individual. S ...More

Celebrating Holidays @Text100 Around the World

As I set out to discover the ways Texties around the world celebrate the holiday season, I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get. As the feedback began to pour in, I was overwhelmed with the variety and volume of Text celebrations occurring on a global scale. Let’s start our virtual tour around the world in Munich. The office is decorated and employees enjoy the always popular sweet ...More

Top 5 Social Media Traits Sought by PR Recruiters

Gone are the days when a single paper resume could determine your future. In today’s world of online communications, social media has proven to be an effective tool for making friends, planning events, and yes–landing you your dream job.  Recruiters are using social media platforms to break past the impersonal resume in search of a more meaningful connection. While a polished resume is sti ...More