It All Started with Britney Spears

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I’m celebrating my FIVE year anniversary at Text 100 (yay me!) by writing a series of blog posts on this fabulous event I had the opportunity to attend this week in NY. So check ‘em out…

Are you familiar with the Business Development Institute’s Social Reputation Management event in NYC? I had the opportunity to check it out on Wednesday and it was a great event – cool speakers and plenty of insightful presentations. I choose a few that I found “most” insightful to recap over the next few days.

First up: MasterCard on Social Media. Jim Issokson, Senior Business leader, MasterCard (@jimissokson) was one of favorite of the day. It focused on managing and building MasterCard’s social media reputation and the process it took to build out. They spent three and a half years building a social media reputation. Being in the highly-regulated, financial services industry, MasterCard worked with their legal department for 8 months to draft a social media policy and train select communications and executive spokespeople to engage in social media. They hope to roll it out to all employees in the future but for now, trained spokespeople use the company guidelines to help navigate social media channels. MasterCard and their legal team identified “safe areas” (which include topics like “how to manage credit cards”) and deem what is “unsafe areas” (such as credit card fees). What’s interesting is that they find themselves engaging more and more in the “unsafe” side because there’s just a larger opportunity to set the record straight. Do you find that your organization spends more time setting the record straight than engaging in proactive social media relations?

And here’s where Britney comes in. 2005, the year it all started. I made my karaoke debut at Text 100 singing my favorite pop princess’ song “Oops I Did It Again”… and yes, I was fabulous.