4 Ways to Conquer “Mommy Blogger” Outreach Pitfalls [Guest blog post!]

It’s far too often that brands conduct “mommy blogger” outreach poorly. The first glaring problem is that the term “mommy blogger” is not only a vast generalization, but inaccurate as well and ultimately is at the crux of why targeting the “mommy blogger” is a broken outreach model. The women who comprise this group have built platforms and communities from the ground-up; they are experts in their fields and rightfully respected. So let’s call these content creators what they really are – parenting and lifestyle influencers.

Agencies and brands often miss the boat by reaching out to these influencers with the same flat approach. Here are four ways to revise your strategy to amplify your blogger outreach results, regardless of their niche.

1)      Refine and qualify your outreach list

It sounds obvious, but it’s one of the first pitfalls of “mommy blogger” outreach: taking a general list of “mom bloggers” and using it blindly to pitch parenting and consumer products. In order to start a purposeful dialogue, you must be familiar with what your targets already know and how they’re currently talking about your brand or industry. This knowledge will inform your communications strategy and allow your message to resonate with your target bloggers.

2)      Pitch products that are aligned with the blog’s focus

Do your research. Pitching irrelevant content is the fastest way to lose credibility amongst your target influencers. Bloggers are experts in certain areas of focus so your pitch must align accordingly. Refining your outreach list will help prevent this frequent mistake and ensure that your pitch doesn’t end up in someone’s trash.

3)      Treat your target bloggers as marketing partners

Recognize that these identified influencers are potential advocates for your brand. Treat them as “one of your own” by keeping them informed with the latest and greatest. From the beginning of the relationship, which may start with a gift of a product to the blogger, to a deeper relationship, such as inviting them to a session with the R&D team or inviting them to speak on an event panel, there are many ways to keep parenting and lifestyle influencers involved in your brand.

4)      Foster the relationship over time

Blogger engagement should be an ongoing dialogue, which suggests a two-way conversation. As mentioned above, it’s essential to share information relating to your brands, but it’s equally important to find out what piques the interest of your parenting and lifestyle blogger targets, what upcoming topics they’re writing about, etc. Ask questions. Showing interest in the bloggers’ perspective will only help deepen the relationship.

While targeting “mommy bloggers” has traditionally been a flawed approach, don’t become a victim to these flaws! Learn more about doing it better by reading our free eBook, Why Targeting Mommy Bloggers is a Broken Outreach Model.


About Nyerr Parham
Nyerr (pronounced ny-AIR) is the marketing manager at Appinions, an opinion-based influence marketing platform that enables agencies and brands to identify, analyze, engage, monitor and measure relevant influencers. You can find Nyerr on Twitter @nyerr.

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