Kellogg's Custom Cereal Creation is Twitter Engagement at its Finest

A “totes amazeballs” example of having fun with your customers

A “totes amazeballs” example of having fun with your customers

Oh the things we’ve added to the English language in recent years! How many of these do you recognize? OMG, Paris Hilton’s overuse of the word hot, whatevs, winning, fail/epic fail (and saying hashtags with any and all words to make them Twitter-funny IRL), GTL (thank you ever so much, Jersey Shore), sorry I’m not sorry, that’s what she said – the list goes on.

And that brings us to the latest catchphrase craze of “totes amazeballs,” a.k.a totally amazing. It’s even caught on at Text 100 – my colleague Melissa Chanslor has been known to send “good job” emails saying totes amazeballs instead – hilarious.

If you too are addicted to slang and find yourself using or hearing way too many of these phrases on a daily basis, stick with me… you’re about to be uber jealous.

The lead singer of U.K. band The Charlatans heard the phrase totes amazeballs and thought it sounded like something straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so he jokingly tweeted at Kellogg’s about his imaginary cereal creation. Kellogg’s was paying attention and within the hour they were in touch with him.

And get this, Kellogg’s created a one-of-a-kind cereal featuring a mix of marshmallows, pieces of shortbread, raisins and Coco Krispies just for him. His custom box features a smiling cartoon of Burgess saying, “They’re Schhhweet!’’ in a knockoff of the “They’re grrrreat!’’ slogan of Tony the Tiger/Frosted Flakes fame.

They sent the box to Tim and he just loved it. Well, you wouldn’t be able to see his excitement from his oh-so-serious-mug in this picture, but he’s been eating it up (food pun intended) on his Twitter feed.

The story has gotten a ton of pickup, with stories posted on Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, MSNBC and more. Rolling Stone loved the story so much that they created a hashtag (#RockCracklePop) and have a slideshow going of what other music stars’ cereals might be.

If all that wasn’t enough to get this PR girl amped up, I was also reminded of how cool it is that custom packages like this are even possible. One of my clients, Xerox, does personalized, custom packaging.

Talk about a sweet bespoke gift!  I’d like a box of Lyssie Loops, please and thank you, Kellogg’s.

Hats off (spoons up?) to you, Kelloggs. That is how you do social media.

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