PR CEOs Agree Ethics, Transparency Key to Successful Communications

Digital Discussions with Aedhmar

Digital Discussions with Aedhmar

Recently, Aedhmar Hynes was invited by PR Week editor-in-chief Steve Barrett to join a handful of other PR agency CEOs in a roundtable discussion on issues affecting the communications industry.

As these leaders looked ahead to the future of the industry, they all agreed – the road ahead is paved for success, not just because of the way social media and digital tools have evolved the way we build relationships, but because of the changes happening in society. A corporation’s greatest asset is its reputation – and in a world where transparency is of utmost importance to the social consumer and other stakeholders, communications is in a strong position to lead the way.

Further to the discussion on transparency is the question of how, if at all, we ensure that we’re building a reputation for PR as an industry. Do we “PR the PR?” Rather, the focus should be on great communications as it supports business goals – showcasing the success of brands in terms of their reputation, rather than highlighting the PR work that supports it. As communicators, it’s our job to be the standard barriers for reputation and transparency, and making sure that’s what the communications industry is all about.

Check out the video below for Aedhmar’s takeaways from the discussion – and be on the lookout for the March issue of PR Week for more details from the roundtable.

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